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Brand Development and Management– A picture can say a thousand words. Well in business, too often a company’s “picture” is saying the wrong thing. A great brand is the start to a successful company. What does your company do? What does your company stand for? Is your brand consistent? These are a few of the elements Consult Square will assist you with establishing or reestablishing.

Strategic Planning– “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Consult Square believes that in order to be wildly successful, one must plan. We work to provide our clients with planning from 6 months to 5/10 years. These living plans serve as a roadmap that will guide them through the maze of business diversion. They help our clients stay on track and also evolve with trends and new technologies.

Market Research-In order to serve and deliver to your market, it is important that you first define who they are. What does your client look like? Where do they shop? How do they spend? These are all questions that Consult Square can help you answer and assess.

Social Media and online Marketing and Advertising to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-5 years ago, social media probably would not have been on any business executive’s radar. Today a company without a strong online and social media presence can be seen as obsolete. Consult square can assist in the development of new media and SEO. We will customize a plan that will optimize your online presence without spending countless hours in front of your computer screen.

Partnership Development– Ever wonder how the smallest of businesses can produce goods and services that appear 100% larger. Easy! Not really. Strategic partner development is a specialized business imperative. Building strong relationships and alliances is a rule in good business. Let Consult Square help you determine which organizations and businesses align with yours and how to create mutually beneficial relationships.