About Us

What sets Consult Square apart from other agencies? Consult Square combine over 2 decades of business development and marketing expertise. But we don’t stop there. We are committed to developing the latest and most efficient ways to bring business success to your company and brand. We deliver national, regional and local solutions and trainings specializing in strategic marketing and profit growth development. With experience in non-profit and corporate marketing and development, Consult Square is equipped to provide a wide range of solutions for every business budget.

We specialize in a customized approach to meet our client’s needs. No two businesses are built the same, so how could anyone ever use the same approach to solve business challenges. It is an honor to be treated by our clients as a member of their team.

Let our experts deliver the most value for your business. Some of our objectives include:

  • Develop, tweak or completely overhaul your marketing processes

  • Create effective and tailored marketing collateral

  • Help grow and expand your business in new territory

  • Cultivate and maintain audiences for your products and/or services

  • Strategic partnership development and maintenance